Art by Physicist, an open-source, sustainable, STEAM fashion brand for women launches new …

Art by Physicist, an open-source, sustainable, STEAM fashion brand for women launches new …

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Art by Physicist, a Silicon Valley tech-fashion startup, focused on sustainable, electronically enhanced fashion for women, has launched its new campaign on Kickstarter today, unveiling a debut collection that includes a solar-powered dress, a self-heating reversible coat, a WiFi-programmable dress, customizable LED fabric designs and Bluetooth accessories.

Founded by physicist and artist Dr. Kitty Yeung, and launched in 2019, the brand combines cutting-edge wearable technology, with one-a-kind hand designed art prints that celebrate the beauty of science, nature, and space.

Art by Physicist’s new collection features original hand-drawn paintings created by Dr. Yeung, and collaborations with ARMOR Solar Power Films, DFRobot, NovaCentrix and Loomia, to offer an innovative clothing line that is not just stylish but presents solution-focused, smart designs that integrate with your smartphone and your wardrobe.

Inspired by her career in STEM and motivated by the lack of women designers developing tech-enabled clothing, founder Dr. Kitty Yeung, launched the brand to expand wearable tech options for women that included beautiful and functional designs they could use every day.

“As a fashion-lover, artist, and a woman in STEM, I’m driven to find ways to intersect my passions,” said Dr. Yeung. “While wearable tech has come a long way, product lines are still very outdoor-focused and male-centric. I wanted to create a brand that would challenge the status quo, but where I could also use my experience to build a smart collection that would function for women’s lifestyles, tastes and make fashion-tech more accessible.”

Mission-driven to encourage more women into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), Art by Physicist’s Kickstarter campaign will donate part of the profits to platforms supporting women and girls in STEAM programs. The brand is also keeping its patterns open source. Its tutorials, patterns and instructions on building wearable technologies can be found on

Visit Art by Physicists’ Kickstarter page to pre-order collection items, meet the founder and learn more about the brand that is making fashion-tech accessible.

About Art by Physicist

Art by Physicist is a sustainable fashion brand, dedicated to elevating wearable tech for women. Created by physicist, artist and creative technologist Dr. Kitty Yeung, Art by Physicist’s designs are inspired by the intersection of art, science, technology and fashion.

Passionate about reducing fashion’s environmental imprint and industry waste, Art by Physicist works to reduce its environmental footprint through digital printing, open-source technologies and by working with sustainably conscious partners. Made by women for women, the brand is mission-driven to promote the intellectual representation of women in STEAM and support the next generation of female creators.

About Dr. Kitty Yeung

Dr. Kitty Yeung is a physicist, engineer, textilist, and artist in addition to her role as senior program manager of quantum computing at Microsoft. With over 15 years in STEAM disciplines and a lifelong passion for art and music, Dr. Yeung is constantly pushing the boundaries between art and science to discover how they connect. Having worked across the latest technologies including developing computational textiles, solar powering, 3D printing, micro-controllers, edge computing and wearables, Dr. Yeung combines her love of art with her experience in science to push the bounds of fashion.

She received her PhD in Applied Physics at Harvard University, and Masters in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Dr. Yeung frequently gives technical and career talks reflecting her passion and experience in quantum computing, wearables, digital transformation, fashion technology and startups.

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