5TH WALL FORUM Offers Free Event To Connect Theater And Virtual Technology

5TH WALL FORUM Offers Free Event To Connect Theater And Virtual Technology

5TH WALL FORUM Offers Free Event To Connect Theater And Virtual Technology

Now accepting applications to participate and/or observe in the first-ever 5th Wall Forum, a FREE community-building event running December 4th and 5th helping theatre-makers utilize and network with new technologies.

5th Wall Forum is a virtual event bringing together industry insiders from the theater and technology worlds to create opportunities for new kinds of virtual performances for paying audiences. The Forum’s goal is to inspire actors, directors, producers, and creatives with the potential of new theatrical digital platforms and virtual performance spaces. We don’t mean Zoom theater. Attendees will gain an understanding of web, virtual reality, and augmented technology platforms that meet the needs of the theater industry, while connecting with technologists and digital artists enabling technology for live performance. Participants will walk away with a clear plan of action to bring their work to a virtual stage or with an interdisciplinary team to incubate ideas.


Who is 5WF for?
5WF is for theater and tech executives looking to understand and create immersive theater experiences.

How is it different from other events?
5WF is built out by a group of passionate people who believe that virtual reality and augmented reality can be revenue generating businesses for theatrical productions. The event is to connect the worlds of theater and of technology together to enable the development of quality, ‘ticket sales worthy’ productions.

How much does it cost?

FREE. There is really NO cost, NO sales pitch, NOTHING. This is an investment in the future of the shared and separate industries of live, interactive storytelling to begin introducing these communities to each other and the current opportunities for virtual production.

Why do I have to apply?
Our primary focus will be on introducing like-minded professionals to each other and limit the round robin zoom calls we’re all fatigued by. Reviewing applications upfront allows our team to curate groups and conversations to serve the largest number of attendees.

Do I need to have XR equipment to participate?
The event will be held on a ubiquitous meeting platform, like video chat, to allow the maximum number of participants free and fair access.

How do I apply?

Please go to: https://www.5thwallforum.com

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