Automated ATOs and cybersecurity

Automated ATOs and cybersecurity


Automated ATOs and cybersecurity

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In the remote work environment spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic, more flexible, quicker methods of getting systems the authority to securely operate is more critical than ever, said a top IT advisor at the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Machine learning is critical in terms of fighting fire with fire. We can’t fight AI [artificial intelligence] or machine learning with spreadsheets or Word documents. You’re going to lose that battle” with hackers, said Oki Mek, senior advisor to the agency’s CIO and its ReImagine project.

HHS is one of the agencies at the center of the federal government’s response to the COVID pandemic. The agency is “getting hit hard” by hackers attempting to penetrate its networks, said Mek. Additionally, hackers and bad actors are leveraging AI to see how network users are interacting with infrastructure and systems, he said.

Mek’s made his remarks at an Oct. 14 webinar sponsored by the Institute of Critical Infrastructure Technology.

One area where AI and machine learning technology can provide a targeted lift for federal IT systems is speeding up the processes to obtain mandatory Authority To Operate certifications, said Mek.

The COVID pandemic, with its expanded IT threat vector with remote workforces, has only highlighted the need to speed up ATO processes, according to Mek.

Automated ATOs, leveraging machine learning and AI, said Mek, can shorten review of hundreds of security controls on a system and provide an assessment in hours or days, rather than months.

Automated ATOs, he said, could follow the same model as popular commercial machine learning and AI-based tax filing software. That software draws on previous year’s data.

For an automated ATO process, the software can ask basic questions, such as ‘are you building a new system, moving to the cloud, or making changes to the system?’ By asking a series of questions, said that common information can automatically fill in parts of the ATO system security plan.

IT systems operators could also develop a machine learning “confidence score” for cybersecurity.

“When you assess a system for an ATO, there are about 500 – 600 security controls. You could run machine learning against each requirement,” he said. A system owner would use machine learning to compare requirements and policies against the agency’s implementation statement to produce a confidence score. If the score is below 50 percent, then the owner should try again, he said.

An auditor’s ATO assessment process, which can take up to two months, could be shortened to a week or two depending on the score, according to Mek. The automation would also allow the ATO process to become mostly continuous, providing more timely cybersecurity, he said.

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Futurism Reinforces Its Next-Gen Business Commerce Platform With Advanced Machine Learning …

New AI capabilities pave way for an ultra-personalized customer experience

PISCATAWAY, N.J., Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –Futurism Technologies, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, is bringing to life its Futurism Dimensions business commerce suite with additional artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. New AI capabilities will help online companies provide an exceptional personalized online customer experience and user journeys. Futurism Dimensions will not only help companies put their businesses online, but would also help to completely digitize their commerce lifecycle. The commerce life cycle includes digital product catalog creation and placement, AI-driven digital marketing, order generation to fulfillment, tracking, shipments, taxes and financial reporting, all from a unified platform.

With the “new norm,” companies are racing to provide a better online experience for their customers. It’s not just about putting up a website today, it’s about creating personalized and smarter customer experiences. Using customer behavioral analysis, AI, machine learning and bots, Futurism’s Dimensions creates that personalized experience. In addition, with Futurism Dimensions, companies become more efficient by transforming the entire commerce value chain and back office to digital.

Companies such as Amazon have redefined online customer experience and set the bar very high. Every company will be expected to offer personalized, easy-to-use, online experience available from anywhere at any time and on any device,” said Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies. “We’ve armed Dimensions with advanced AI and ML to help companies provide exceptional personalized experiences to their customers. At the same time, with Dimensions, they can digitize their entire commerce value chain and become more efficient with business automation. Our ecommerce platform is affordable and suited for companies of all sizes,” added Mr. Pansare.

Futurism Dimensions highlights:

Secure and stable platform with 24/7 support and migration

As cybercrimes continue to evolve, e-commerce companies ought to keep up with advanced cybersecurity developments. Futurism Dimensions prides itself on its security for customers allowing them to receive the latest in technological advancements in cybersecurity. Dimensions leverages highly secure two-factor authentication and encryption to safeguard your customers’ data and business from potential hackers.

To ensure seamless migration from existing implementations, Dimensions integrates with most legacy systems.

Dimensions offers 24/7 customer support, something you won’t find with some of the dead-end platforms of the past. Others will simply have a help page or community forum, but that doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. It can also be costly if you need to reach someone for support on other platforms, whereas Dimensions support is included in your plan.

Migrating to Dimensions is a seamless transition with little to no downtime. Protecting online businesses from cyber threats is a top priority while transitioning their websites from another platform or service. You get a dedicated team at your disposal throughout the transition to ensure timely completion and implementation.

Heat Map, Customer Session Playback, Live Chat and Analytics

Dimensions offers intelligent customer insights with Heat Map tracking, Full customer session playback, and live chat allowing you to understand customers’ needs. Heat Map will help you identify the most used areas of your website and what your customers are clicking on. Further, customer session playback will help you identify how customers arrived at certain products or pages. Dimensions also has a live customer session that helps you provide prompt support.

Customer insights and analytics are lifeblood for any e-business in today’s digital era. Dimensions offers intelligent insights into demographics to help you market to your target audiences.

Highly personalized user experience using Artificial Intelligence

Dimensions lets you deploy smart AI-powered bots that use machine learning algorithms to come up with smarter replies to customer questions thus, reducing response time significantly. Chatbots can help address customer queries that usually drop in after business hours with automated and pre-defined responses. Eureka! Never lose a sale.

Business Efficiency and Automation using AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning can help predict inventory and automate processes such as support, payments, and procurement. It can also expand business intelligence to help create targeted marketing plans. Lastly, it can give you live GPS logistics tracking.

Mobile Application

Dimensions team will design your mobile site application to look and function as if a consumer were viewing it on their computer. Fully optimized and designed for ease of use while not limiting anything from your main site.

About Futurism Technologies

Advancements in digital information technology continue to offer companies with the opportunities to drive efficiency, revenue, better understand and engage customers, and redefine their business models. At Futurism, we partner with our clients to leverage the power of digital technology. Digital evolution or a digital revolution, Futurism helps to guide companies on their DX journey.

Whether it is taking a business to the cloud to improve efficiency and business continuity, building a next-generation ecommerce marketplace and mobile app for a retailer, helping to define and implement a new business model for a smart factory, or providing end-to-end cybersecurity services, Futurism brings in the global consulting and implementation expertise it takes to monetize the digital journey.

Futurism provides DX services across the entire value chain including e-commerce, digital infrastructure, business processes, digital customer engagement, and cybersecurity.

Learn more about Futurism Technologies, Inc. at


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Chief Marketing Officer
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