Sony Reboots Aibo

The rumors had it right: Sony is rebooting its robot dog, Aibo, announcing a new four-legged companion AI-powered bot incoming with the same brand name but more rounded corners and visible facial features for extra kawaii, including a pair of expressive, puppy-dog eyes.

Sony’s famous robo-pup Aibo is back with new tricks, including AI and sensors that gather data from owners.

Deep learning tech, fish-eye cameras and a series of other embedded sensors enable Aibo to detect and analyze sounds and images so that it can learn and respond to its environment and interact with its owner so it appears less, well, robotic.

Sony claims Aibo’s adaptive behavior includes being able to actively seek out its owners; detect words of praise; smiles; head and back scratches; petting, and more.

Thanks to the embedded cameras you can also instruct Aibo to take a photo for you — should you want a dog’s eye view of yourself/your home life.

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